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If you would like support us in giving

The work of Friends International Guildford is entirely funded by the local churches and individuals of the Church.  The majority of the donations are used to fund our field staff and administrators, and the remainder is used for the regular events, publicity and literature.

The ministry can continue to function sustainably if our income is received regularly from supporters like you.

One-Off Gift or Regular Giving by Bank Standing Order

A practical way to contribute to the work is to give either a one-off gift or setup a Standing Order.  Please complete this Giving Form and return it to a Friends International Guildford representative or post it to the address on the form - make sure to tick the box saying that it is for the work in Guildford.

Make a Gift Aid Declaration

Under the Government's Gift Aid Scheme, you can increase your donation by 25%, without it costing you a penny more.  If you receive taxable income from UK wages, savings or pensions, we can reclaim the tax from the Inland Revenue.  If you want us to reclaim the tax please complete a simple Gift Aid Declaration.  The Declaration covers gifts made in any form - standing order, cheque or cash - so long as they can be identified as made by you.  You need to make this declaration only when you first register but you must tell us if you no longer pay tax.

Gift Aid Declaration

The Gift Aid Declaration Form is available here to download.  On it you will find details about Gift Aid Giving.  Please print it, complete and sign the form before returning it to the address on the form.

Just Giving

If you prefer, you can also give online through our Just Giving page: welcoming international students
in Guildford